Hello. Welcome to my corner on the net.

I am a hobbyist artist dabbling in both traditional and digital art. If you are interested in commissioning me then scroll further my friend.

I can draw animals, anthro(furry), humans(anything humanoid), out-there monsters and anything fantastical, mechanical(mechas and otherwise)

Landscapes, buildings and inanimate clutter are something I draw when they become necessary, but they aren't my strong suit. I do not shy away from drawing gore, blood and bodyhorror. I am also okay with artistic or mild nudity, but for more fetish oriented commissions you'd have to contact me to discuss them through.

I won't draw anything related to real-world politics, ABDL and scat.

Fantasy political situations that are explored in a vaccum -that means- aren't used as a vehicle to harm anyone in real life are okay. I will politely decline any commissions I deem outside of my scope.

Art delivery ranges between 1 to 2 months.

In the first week you will receive the outline for approval. After the approved outline there will be a more detailed sketch, which will represent everything that will be realized in the end result.

You can request up to 2 revisions in the outline.

These are meant for big changes like the scene layout, character poses etc that you do not vibe with. Sketch revisions (allowed amount and extent within reason) will be for smaller things like expressions, specific details, anatomical errors etc. After the sketch has been approved there will be no more revisions until the piece is complete.

For more frequent updates simply contact me or let me know. I will share the works in progress with you whenever requested.

All commissions are meant for personal use only.

It is not necessary to credit me and you may do whatever you want with the artwork as long as it is not being used commercially.

For payment I only accept PayPal transactions via invoices.

I prefer to get the full payment in advance or at most the payment in installments ahead for each part of the piece to do (outline, sketch, lineart, flats etc).

If I have not delivered the art in 2 months and 15 days since receiving payment you have the right for a full refund.

Binary. Artwork with no colour blending and a very distinct MS Paint look.

Bust 28 USD

Fullbody 52 USD

+ Background based on complexity 0 USD to 48 USD

+ Additional character/object based on complexity 6 USD to half of bust/fullbody USD

Digital painting. Artwork with heavy colour blending. A quick impressionistic style where only the focal details have detail to them.

Bust 22 USD

Fullbody 44 USD

+ Background based on complexity 0 USD to 44 USD

+ Additional character/object based on complexity 4 USD to half of bust/fullbody USD

Cel-shade. Artwork with clear lineart and minimal gradients. Transparent background if requested.

Bust 64 USD

Fullbody 126 USD

+ Background based on complexity 0 USD to 64 USD

+ Additional character/object based on complexity 10 USD to half of bust/fullbody USD

Traditional. Artwork done with a black ink gel pen. My access to a scanner is questionable, fair to assume that the picture would be taken with a phone camera.

Bust 12 USD

Fullbody not available (sketchbook size limitation)

Background not available

+ Additional character/object based on complexity 6 USD to 12 USD (if sketchbook size limitation allows them)

No revisions.

In the case of installments the cost of each stage is calculated by the percentages below from the total cost of the commission.

The percentages are set according to the time I spend on average in each stage. In the case you are only interested in commissioning a sketch or the like from me then I usually take the cel-shade pricing as the base.













Additional examples:

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